Latest projects

  • EXP1811 (11/01/2018 08:09 PM)

    Selected tasks related to autumn beam session.

  • EXP 6He-d (06/25/2018 04:46 PM)

    Opisanie projektu.

  • EXP1803 (12/19/2017 05:21 PM)

    Перечень работ по эксперименту d(6He,t)5H.

  • EXPERT ROOT (06/29/2015 06:02 PM)

    A simulation, reconstruction and analysis framework that is based on the ROOT and the FairRoot systems. The user can create simulated data and/or perform analysis with the same framework. Geant3 and Geant4 transport engines are supported, however the user code that creates simulated data do not depend on a particular monte carlo engine.